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State Schools Chief: 'This Budget Is Not Constitutional'

KPLU News - 2 hours 37 min ago

Though it includes new funding for schools, state superintendent Randy Dorn says the budget Washington lawmakers passed falls short of meeting a Supreme Court mandate to increase K-12 spending.

In a statement, Dorn called on the state's high court to "take whatever steps necessary to bring the Legislature back into session as soon as possible" to work out solutions to problems justices ordered them to solve in their 2012 McCleary ruling.

Jeb Bush's Wealth Skyrocketed After Leaving Governor's Office

KPLU News - 7 hours 37 min ago
Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush released 33 years of tax returns on Tuesday, showing that his personal wealth has skyrocketed since he left the Florida governor's office in 2007.

The White House hopeful earned about $29 million during that time, a substantial jump from his income before becoming governor — helped by a mix of speaking fees, investments, his capital investment company J

Peru's Pitmasters Bury Their Meat In The Earth, Inca-Style

KPLU News - 7 hours 41 min ago
What's the epitome of summer for a lot of Americans? It's communing around a grill, with friends and family, waiting for a slab of meat to cook to juicy perfection.

In Peru, people like to gather around heat and meat, too. Except the heat — and the meat — are buried in the ground. It's called pachamanca, a traditional way of cooking that dates back to the Inca Empire.

U.S. And Cuba Will Formally Re-Establish Diplomatic Relations

KPLU News - 8 hours 2 min ago
A White House Administration official confirms that the United States and Cuba have come to an agreement to formally re-establish diplomatic relations, and open embassies in Havana and Washington.

The Obama administration will announce the agreement on Wednesday.

As NPR's Krishnadev Calamur reported earlier last year, the U.S.

Communities Get A Lift As Local Food Sales Surge To $11 Billion A Year

KPLU News - 8 hours 49 min ago
There's a renaissance in local and regional food, and it's not just farmers markets in urban areas that are driving it.

On this map, the U.S.

Does The Drip, Drip, Drip Of Clinton's Email Controversy Matter?

KPLU News - 8 hours 58 min ago
The State Department is set to release about 3,000 pages of emails from Hillary Clinton's time as secretary of state on Tuesday. The release is part of the State Department's schedule to release a bundle of Clinton emails every month through Jan. 29, 2016.

That date is just three days before the "first in the nation" Iowa caucuses, and pretty much guarantees that at least once a month there will be a flurry of conversation about Clinton's email practices and whether there's something missing.

How Default Could Push Greece Out Of The Eurozone

KPLU News - 9 hours 2 min ago
This story was updated at 7 p.m. ET.

The deadline passed Tuesday evening for Greece to make a key loan payment to the International Monetary Fund — putting it a step closer toward quitting the euro.

There had been last-minute attempts by the government to negotiate a deal with its creditors.

Ebola Returns To Liberia With A Mysterious Case Near Monrovia

KPLU News - 9 hours 2 min ago
Almost two months after Liberia was declared Ebola-free, the disease has cropped up again — this time in a rural town outside the capital city.

So far, there's only one new case, but health officials are rushing to stop its spread.

Liberia's deputy health minister, Tolbert Nyenswah, said Tuesday that a 17-year-old boy died of Ebola at his home in Nedowein, a village near the country's international airport.

"There is no need to panic.

A Dozen Officials Suspended As Probe Into N.Y. Prison Break Widens

KPLU News - 9 hours 2 min ago
A dozen top administrators and front-line corrections officers were suspended Tuesday at Clinton Correctional Facility, the prison in northern New York where two inmates escaped earlier this month.

This house-cleaning comes as the FBI has opened its own inquiry into operations at the maximum security prison.

In a terse statement, and without naming him directly, state corrections officials announced that Steven Racette, the top superintendent at Clinton in Dannemora, N.Y., and 11 other administrators and front-line security officers have been placed on administrative leave.

They declined

Debate Begins: New OT Rules Will Raise Wages — Or Kill Jobs

KPLU News - 9 hours 11 min ago
Business groups and labor unions sharply disagreed today over the potential impact of a proposed change to the federal rule governing overtime pay.

In coming months, the two sides will submit comments in writing to the Labor Department to try to shape the rule's final wording, but the verbal sparring already has begun.

Business leaders say hiking overtime pay would reduce hiring, while unions say the change would stimulate the economy by raising incomes for about 5 million Americans.

Before laying out the different reactions, we'll look at what happened today:

The White House announced

High Tea, Afternoon Tea, Elevenses: English Tea Times For Dummies

KPLU News - 9 hours 43 min ago
You're an American in London. You've visited Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Tower of London, but there's one more thing you want to check off your to-do list: tea.

No, not just any tea. We're talking a good, old-fashioned English tea time, with finger sandwiches, dainty china cups and all the formality a Downton Abbey lover could wish for.

But wait, you know nothing about taking tea in Britain. Should you raise your pinky while sipping? And, more importantly, what time do the Brits take tea, anyway? Not to worry.

Prison Officials On Leave After New York Escape

KPLU News - 10 hours 19 min ago
Twelve officials at an upstate New York prison have been placed on leave, as authorities investigate how two convicted killers managed to escape from the facility on June 6.

Among those placed on leave are Superintendent Steven Racette, of the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, and Deputy Superintendent Stephen Brown, according to multiple media accounts.

The reports say the surviving escapee David Sweat has been sharing details of the break out, including that he and inmate Richard Matt conducted a dry run the night before the escape.

On The Pot: Sewage Water Reveals Our Marijuana Habits

KPLU News - 10 hours 33 min ago


Sewage reveals a lot about our daily habits. With that in mind, the federal government is paying for a study to test sewage water in Washington State to determine how much marijuana people are consuming.


Dan Burgard, an associate chemistry professor at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, has been collecting waste water samples since December 2013, about eight months before the first legal pot stores opened.

Caveats About Favored Access Method For Dialysis

KPLU News - 10 hours 57 min ago
When it comes to dialysis, one method of accessing the blood to clean it gets championed above the rest. But quite a few specialists say there's not enough evidence to universally support the treatment's superiority or to run down the other options.

"When we talk to [dialysis] patients in the clinic, we cannot address their profound question: 'Which access is better for me?' " says Dr. Pietro Ravani, an epidemiologist at the University of Calgary in Canada.

A Study Finds Men Lie When Their Masculinity Is Threatened

KPLU News - 10 hours 57 min ago


When a man’s masculinity is threatened in a minor way it can lead him to tell blatant lies. This is the finding of a new study from researchers at the University of Washington and Stanford.

Flood Maps Can Get Much Sharper With A Little Supercomputing Oomph

KPLU News - 11 hours 14 sec ago
A small company in California is hoping to make a big splash by providing detailed flood maps to homeowners and insurance companies. And to do that, the company is using one of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

The company is called Katrisk, based in Berkeley, Calif. Hydrologist and computer modeler Dag Lohmann is one of the company's founders.

California Governor Signs School Vaccination Law

KPLU News - 11 hours 6 min ago
California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed off on one of the strictest school vaccination laws in the country a day after the state Legislature gave the measure final approval.

"The science is clear that vaccines dramatically protect against a number of infectious and dangerous diseases," Brown said in a signing statement.

Venus And Jupiter Set For A Close Encounter Tuesday Night

KPLU News - 11 hours 15 min ago


A Slave Plantation Tour Guide Recalls Awful Questions From White Visitors

KPLU News - 11 hours 24 min ago
Over at Vox, a white woman who until recently was a tour guide at a historic Southern plantation recounts some . . .

Deadline In Iran Nuclear Talks Extended To July 7

KPLU News - 11 hours 57 min ago
The Iran nuclear talks, which had been scheduled to wrap up Tuesday, have been extended. The U.S.