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Mario Batali Goes Farm To Table

KPLU News - 2 hours 22 min ago
Mario Batali has been known for years for his mastery of Italian cuisine.

But for his new cookbook “America – Farm to Table,” written with Jim Webster of the Washington Post, his focus is on chefs from around the United States and the farmers those chefs rely on for their food.

Plane Of Good Samaritans: Why Fly To (And From) West Africa

KPLU News - 2 hours 26 min ago
Flying into the epicenter of the Ebola epidemic is actually anti-climactic.

We landed on Friday night. And by Saturday morning, we realized that people around Monrovia, Liberia, are generally going about their business as usual — they're just washing their hands a lot more and trying not to touch each other.

The city of a million people is now reporting about 30 Ebola cases each day.

U.S. Airdrops Weapons, Ammo, Medical Supplies To Kurds In Kobani

KPLU News - 2 hours 26 min ago
The U.S. military confirmed Sunday an airdropped delivery of small arms, ammunition and medical supplies to Kurdish forces in the Syrian town of Kobani on the border with Turkey. The 27 bundles of supplies were provided by Kurdish authorities in Iraq.

In a statement, U.S.

Will Apple's Mobile Wallet Replace Your Leather Wallet?

KPLU News - 2 hours 27 min ago
On Monday, Apple is rolling out a new way to pay: a digital wallet called Apple Pay. Millions of people with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be able to tap — rather than swipe — at the register.

The move could be a major change in how we shop. Or it could end up as a blip on the map that fades away, as other "mobile wallets" have in the past.

Here are some questions you might be asking:

I have a leather wallet in my back pocket.

Are Factual And Religious Belief The Same?

KPLU News - 2 hours 27 min ago
Consider the following two statements of "belief":

Devon believes that humans evolved from earlier primates over 100,000 years ago.

Devon believes that humans were created less than 10,000 years ago.

These claims are clearly at odds. Since they can't both be true, Devon holds contradictory beliefs. Right?

Maybe not.

A new paper by philosopher Neil Van Leeuwen offers a third possibility: That factual belief isn't the same as religious belief.

Hong Kong Leader Blames 'External Forces' For Joining Protests

KPLU News - 2 hours 28 min ago
Hong Kong's leader is blaming "external forces" for helping stoke student-led pro-democracy protests that have brought parts of the Chinese territory to a halt in recent weeks.

Leung Chun-ying's statement in a televised interview on Sunday marked the first time he blamed foreign involvement for the unrest, something that Beijing has said repeatedly during the three weeks of demonstrations, according to The Associated Press.

The AP writes: "When asked on the Newsline program about a Chinese official's comments on outside involvement, Leung said, 'There is obviously participation by

Sweden's Sub Hunt Evokes Cold War Memories

KPLU News - 2 hours 28 min ago
The hunt for a possible Russian submarine operating clandestinely in Swedish waters might sound familiar to those of us who lived through the Cold War: That's because it bears striking similarities to a 1981 incident that made international headlines and proved a major embarrassment for Soviet authorities.

Here's what happened over the weekend, according to The Wall Street Journal:

"Late Sunday the country's navy presented a grainy picture of what appeared

In The Big Easy, Food Vendors Create A Little Honduras

KPLU News - 2 hours 30 min ago
Thanks to a quirk of history — and a love of bananas — New Orleans has had a Honduran population for more than a century. But that population exploded after Hurricane Katrina, when the jobs needed to rebuild the city drew waves of Honduran immigrants. Many of them stayed, and nearly a decade later, they've established a thriving — if somewhat underground — culinary community.

Signs of that community abound, if you know where to look.

You can see it in the lunch lines that form weekdays outside Taqueria La Delicia, a food truck, or lonchera, run by a Honduran immigrant.

Singer Ed Reed Talks About Music, Drugs And 'The Sound of Redemption'

KPLU News - 4 hours 10 min ago

"The Sound of Redemption:  The Frank Morgan Story" will be showing on Saturday, October 25 at NW Film Forum in Seattle as part of the Earshot Jazz Film Festival. Frank Morgan was a talented West Coast saxophonist whose life and career were stalled for 30 years because of heroin use and prison sentences.

Singer Ed Reed is one of many subjects interviewed in the film. He was a friend of Morgan's, and he has a similar story.

Black-footed Albatross, Graceful Giant

KPLU News - 5 hours 10 min ago

  Just a couple dozen miles off the Northwest coast, immense dark birds with long, saber-shaped wings glide without effort above the waves. These graceful giants are Black-footed Albatrosses, flying by the thousands near the edge of the continental shelf. Black-footed Albatrosses do not breed until they are at least five years old, and after the young leave their breeding colony, they spend their first three years at sea.

Proposition 1 Promises Better Bus Service In Seattle

KPLU News - 9 hours 10 min ago

Imagine commuting by bus in Seattle without any need for a bus schedule app on your phone or a paper one in your pocket. This is what Scott Kubly, the new head of Seattle’s Department of Transportation, envisions if voters approve Proposition 1, giving the city more than $40 million a year to invest in Metro Transit.

Exhibit At Seattle's Henry Art Gallery Invites Visitors To Touch, Take Home Art On Display

KPLU News - 9 hours 10 min ago

A new show at Seattle's Henry Art Gallery invites you to do something museums usually forbid: Touch the art and take it home.

Four galleries are filled with photographic images printed on tablets of newsprint. Visitors are invited to tear off the images. That means the galleries are in constant flux, and, at some point, they could be entirely left void.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord To Hold Its Largest-Ever Jobs Summit

KPLU News - 9 hours 10 min ago

More than 8,000 service members at Joint Base Lewis-McChord will be leaving the military in each of the next few years as the military draws down its force levels. The base is aiming to help them find work, and this week it’s holding its biggest ever jobs summit

Election 2014: Big Money, Big Issues

KPLU News - 9 hours 10 min ago

We’re just about two weeks away from the 2014 election. It’s not a presidential election year, but there are several big issues on the ballot that have attracted big money to try to get your vote. Those issues include gun sales, class size and control of the state Senate.

Here’s a quick look at what’s on your ballot, what’s at stake and what it’s costing.

More Earshot Previews With John Gilbreath On Jazz Northwest

KPLU News - Sun, 10/19/2014 - 15:00

The Earshot Jazz Festival started last weekend and will continue through November 11 with dozens of performances in various venues around Seattle. Earshot director John Gilbreath joins Jim Wilke on KPLU's Jazz Northwest  to provide some highlights from a dizzying array of world class talent appearing during the Earshot Jazz Festival.  Highlighted on this program are performances by Lew Tabackin, Chad Mccullough, Miguel Zenon, Pharoah Sanders, Davie Liebman and Anton Schwartz. 

Waterfowl Migration In Flux

KPLU News - Sun, 10/19/2014 - 09:00

  Waterfowl such as this Greater White-fronted Goose have long followed a predictable schedule, flying south in autumn after breeding in the north. But for some birds, climate change may be delaying fall migration. Beginning in 1979, scientists in northern Europe recorded migration dates of geese and ducks during a period of 30 years. The data revealed six species that delayed southward migration. The reasons are complex, but a general trend of delayed fall migration will make waterfowl conservation increasingly challenging.

Chorus Line In The Sky

KPLU News - Sat, 10/18/2014 - 09:00

  A flock of small shorebirds (like these Western Sandpipers) twists and turns, glittering in the sky. When threatened by a falcon, these birds take to the air, flying so close together that it's hard for a predator to capture one. A bird at one edge turns toward the middle, and a wave sweeps across the entire flock in less than a second.

Win Tickets To John Oliver At The Paramount

KPLU News - Fri, 10/17/2014 - 17:00

STG Presents John Oliver at The Paramount Theatre in Seattle on Sunday, November 23, 2014.

Win Tickets To Karrin Allyson At Jazz Alley

KPLU News - Fri, 10/17/2014 - 17:00

Billionaire's PAC Moves $750K To Washington Conservation Voters

KPLU News - Fri, 10/17/2014 - 15:08
California billionaire and climate activist Tom Steyer has contributed a significant amount of cash to an environmental political action committee in Washington.