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State Agency Adding Human Well-Being To Puget Sound Health Indicators

KPLU News - 3 hours 27 min ago

Humans should be part of any consideration of how well Puget Sound’s ecological recovery is going. How we’re thriving and benefiting are critical parts of the equation, according to new research conducted for the state agency in charge of the cleanup.

The agency, called Puget Sound Partnership, is adding indicators of human well-being and quality of life to the “vital signs” it tracks. They’ll be included on the colorful pinwheel “dashboard” that anyone can see online.

Oregon Legal Pot Sales Begin October 1, Officially

KPLU News - 7 hours 43 min ago

Oregon marijuana dispensaries can begin selling marijuana as soon as October 1, under a law signed Tuesday by Governor Kate Brown.

Investigation Underway Into Killing Of Cecil, Zimbabwe's Best Known Lion

KPLU News - 8 hours 7 min ago


Is This The Beginning Of The End For The SAT and ACT?

KPLU News - 9 hours 11 min ago
Many high schoolers hoping to attend George Washington University in Washington, D.C., one of the top private universities in the country, breathed a sigh of relief this week.

GWU announced it will no longer require applicants to take the SAT or ACT.

The move comes after the school formed a task force to study the pros and cons of going "test-optional." GWU attracts lots of high-achieving students who do well on both exams, but the task force concluded that the school's reliance on these tests was excluding some high-achieving students who simply don't test well.

Of particular concern we

Researchers Warn Against 'Autonomous Weapons' Arms Race

KPLU News - 9 hours 17 min ago
"Starting a military AI arms race is a bad idea," says a group of researchers and concerned citizens who are urging a ban on offensive military weapons that don't rely on human control.

During Pool Season, Even Lifeguard Numbers Are Taking A Dive

KPLU News - 9 hours 49 min ago
A teenager locking down a summer job as a lifeguard used to be a big deal.

But this summer, several parks and recreation departments and YMCA's across the country are reporting a shortage of lifeguards. And an improving economy may be playing a big role.

The Ridge Road swimming pool in Raleigh, N.C. is packed.

Imprisoned Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard To Be Released In November

KPLU News - 10 hours 8 min ago
Jonathan Pollard, who has served almost 30 years in prison after being convicted of espionage, will be granted parole on Nov. 21, according to his attorneys.

The former civilian Navy analyst was arrested in 1985 and charged with passing classified information to Israel. He pleaded guilty and received a life sentence.

"But under laws in place at the time, that meant he could get parole after 30 years," NPR's Carrie Johnson says.

After Hope For Early Release, Prisoners' Applications Stuck In Limbo

KPLU News - 10 hours 10 min ago
It took a while for Dana Bowerman's long prison sentence to sink in.

Bowerman is a onetime honor student and cheerleader whose brassy personality cleared most obstacles from her path. But there was one hurdle her quick mind couldn't leap. In early 2001, Bowerman got sent away for nearly 20 years on federal drug conspiracy charges, her first and only offense.

Human Error Caused Virgin Galactic Crash, Investigators Say

KPLU News - 11 hours 10 min ago
The crash of a Virgin Galactic spaceship last fall in California's Mojave Desert was caused by pilot error and design problems, the National Transportation and Safety Board announced Tuesday after a nine-month investigation.

NPR's Geoff Brumfiel reports the NTSB found that SpaceShipTwo broke apart during a test flight on Oct. 31 because the co-pilot prematurely unlocked a section of the space plane's tail used in braking.

Me-Tea-Morphosis: Tea Bags Get Second Life As Works Of Art

KPLU News - 11 hours 36 min ago
Though tea strainers often come in brightly colored, sweet packaging with punny names like "the manatee," the lowly tea bag is often forgotten. Made from silk, plastic or paper, these bags are meant for one-time use only. Yet some artists are giving the tea bag a second life, letting their simple shapes and colors shine.

Colorado artist Wewer Keohane has been making art from spent tea bags for over 20 years.

Remembering True Crime Author Ann Rule

KPLU News - 11 hours 49 min ago

Friends and fans are remembering true-crime author Ann Rule as a prolific writer, a tireless advocate for victims and an expert about enforcement and crime investigation.

Rule died Sunday at the age of 83. KPLU’s Kirsten Kendrick interviewed Ann Rule three years ago about her life and career. Click on the link to hear the interview.

NFL's Goodell Confirms Tom Brady's 4-Game Suspension

KPLU News - 12 hours 5 min ago
Saying that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady "was aware of, and took steps to support, the actions of other team employees to deflate game footballs" below required levels, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has upheld the punishment.

In doing so, Goodell also faulted Brady for not cooperating with the investigation, citing his "destruction of potentially relevant evidence" — a reference to Brady's cellphone and SIM card, which he gave to an assistant to be destroyed, according to Goodell's findings.

"The destruction of the cell phone was not disclosed until June 18, almost four mont

As Twitter Flirts With Hearts, Will You Miss The Stars?

KPLU News - 12 hours 6 min ago
Some Twitter users pulled up their feed Tuesday and saw changes involving the reply, retweet and "fav" buttons.

The main change — which many Android users got to see a few weeks ago — is the star icon that turns gold when you favorite a tweet is now a heart icon (TheNextWeb.com has screengrabs), which was confusing to at least a few tweeters.

Political Campaigns Go Social, But Email Is Still King

KPLU News - 12 hours 22 min ago
Presidential campaigns cost a lot of money these days — perhaps as much as $5 billion could be spent in the next election, by one estimate.

Much of that will be spent on television advertising in battleground states, as expected.

Beyond Brothels: Farms And Fisheries Are Frontier Of Human Trafficking

KPLU News - 12 hours 30 min ago
When the U.S. State Department released its annual human trafficking report on Monday, it told distressingly familiar tales of forced sex work and housekeepers kept against their will. But this year, one area got special attention: Slavery in the global supply chains of agriculture, fishing and aquaculture.

The report has ranked the anti-trafficking efforts of most nations around the world since 2001, sorting them into three tiers of compliance with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

Arizona Cardinals Hire Female Coach For Training Camp And Preseason

KPLU News - 13 hours 25 min ago
Jen Welter, an athlete and sports psychologist, will become an NFL coach in what is believed to be a first. The Arizona Cardinals have hired Welter to coach the team's inside linebackers during this summer's training camp and preseason.

"I am honored to be a part of this amazing team," Welter said in a tweet Monday night. She thanked the Cardinals and head coach Bruce Arians.

Welter, 37, began playing pro football as a linebacker in the Women's Football Alliance, playing for the Dallas Diamonds after playing college rugby at Boston College.

Donald Trump's Flipping Political Donations

KPLU News - 14 hours 3 min ago
"Well, if I ever ran for office, I'd do better as a Democrat than as a Republican," Donald Trump told Playboy in 1990. "And that's not because I'd be more liberal, because I'm conservative. But the working guy would elect me. He likes me."

It turns out that even The Donald can't predict the future — after all, 25 years after that comment, he's mounting a strong early push for the Republican presidential nomination. And while he framed himself as a conservative back then, his sympathies and political views have been all over the map during the last 25 years.

Look Out Pelley, Muir And Holt. Rapping Reporters Could Give You A Jolt

KPLU News - 14 hours 6 min ago



Bones In Church Ruins Likely The Remains Of Early Jamestown's Elite

KPLU News - 14 hours 30 min ago
Jamestown, Virginia — the first successful English colony in North America — was a difficult place, to say the least. Most of the colonists who arrived in 1607 died shortly thereafter.

Now archaeologists have discovered the remains of some of the colony's first leaders — Jamestown's elite.

These days, Jamestown is a historical site, where the emerald green grass rolls down to the James River and a steady breeze keeps the mosquitoes at bay.

Giant Panda Jia Jia Celebrates 37th Birthday And 2 Guinness World Records

KPLU News - 14 hours 53 min ago
Jia Jia, a giant panda living at an amusement park in Hong Kong, celebrated her 37th birthday on Tuesday and, along with it, broke two Guinness World Records.

Jia Jia became the oldest giant panda ever living in captivity and the oldest giant panda currently living in captivity.

CNN reports that a Guinness representative was on hand at Ocean Park to congratulate Jia Jia.